Lily Robotics

Drone that takes pictures & videos whilst following users.

Product Description

Lily's flagship product, the Lily Camera, was a quadcopter drone designed to be used as a self-propelled camera. The device was marketed to be easy to use, waterproof, and containing 7 types of sensors: an accelerometer, a three-axis gyroscope, a magnetometer, a Barometer, GPS, a front-facing camera, and a bottom-facing camera.

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Jan, 2017

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Why did Lily robotics fail?

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Aaron Kazah
Updated on 22 Jul, 2017
No Financing or Investor Interest
Ran Out Of Cash
Legal Challenges
Investors - 16
Funding Rounds - 3

Rewards Based Crowdfunding - $34,000,000

Seed - $1,000,000

Series A - $14,000,000

By Aaron