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JobHive's vision was to empower job seekers & employers with tools that emphasize the human element of hiring. They believed that starting a new job or making a new hire is one of the most fundamentally important human interactions. Their aim is was to make that process as human, transparent, and meaningful as possible. They challenge and redefine perceptions about what it takes to find the right company or right team member, and they'll never look back.

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Feb, 2016

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Why did Jobhive fail?

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Aaron Kazah
Answered on 04 Feb, 2017
Investors - 1
Funding Rounds - 7

Seed - $580,000

Seed - $323,000

Seed - $701,000

Angel - $944,000

Equity Crowdfunding - Unknown Amount

Debt Financing - $140,000

Venture - $214,280

By Aaron