Beepi was a P2P used car marketplace

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Beepi was a Mountain View, California company offering an online peer-to-peer marketplace for buying, selling and leasing used cars, where transactions could be carried out entirely with a smart phone or a PC. Cars underwent an inspection and were listed on Beepi's website for a fixed sales price, with Beepi taking up to a 9% commission and buying unsold cars after 30 days.

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Jan, 2017

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Why did Beepi fail?

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Evan Lee
Updated on 22 Jul, 2017
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Olivier Raimbault
Answered on 12 Dec, 2018
Multiple reasons
Investors - 35
Funding Rounds - 6

Seed - $1,250,000

Series A - $5,000,000

Series B - $70,000,000

Series B - $12,700,000

Series B - $60,000,000

Unknown - Unknown Amount

By Aaron