Frequently Asked Questions


What is Collapsed?

Collapsed accelerates the growth of emerging startups & businesses by allowing them to avoid mistakes made by their predecessors. We track failed startups and record the causes of failure and provide it to startups in similar markets so they can address these problems before they emerge.

User Accounts

How do I sign up for an account??

You can signup by moving your pointer to the top right corner and clicking the "Sign In" button. You will be displayed with an option to sign in with your twitter account. Once you click "Sign in with twitter" an account will be automatically created.

Why do I need to use Twitter?

We use twitter for authentication because it allows for an quick account creation process but also it doesn't require you to remember another password. We will never tweet on your behalf.

How do I delete my account?

If you feel like deleting your account, please send a message to hello@collapsed.co

Featured Startups

One of the startups contains incorrect information, how do I correct this?

You need to be signed in to make any changes. Once signed in, an "Update" button will appear on the startup page and you can click it to submit any corrections.

Submitting Startups

How do I submit a startup?

If you want to submit a startup, you can do so by clicking the "Submit Startup" located at the middle-top of your screen. It doesn't matter if it's your startup or someone else's, however it needs to be a closed startups and you will have to provide sources along with your submission.

What happens after I've submitted a startup?

Each submission has to be manually checked for authenticity. If all checks out then it will be approved to be featured on the site. We may contact you if we feel that we need some more information from your startup.

I made a mistake on my submission, how do I correct it?

We usually correct any grammatical and factual mistakes, but if the mistake is still featured, you can press the "update" button to fix your mistake.